Real name: Unknown
 Known Aliases: Nina, Beatrice, Tamara Winter
 First Apperance: New Mutants #98
 Limited Series: 1997 #1-3 
 "This place is coming apart faster than our battle plan!
 Domino's past remains a mystery, but the few facts that
 are known apart prove her to be a courageous fighter, and
 a loyal friend. Journeying from parts unknown to aid her
 former comrade-in-arms, Cable, in establishing the
 heroic paramilitary team, X-Force, Domino functioned as the
 second in command, tempering Cable's often rash judgements
 with good common sense!
 When the real Domino was captured and held by the evil
 Mr. Tolliver, an imposter was sent to infiltrate the ranks
 of the newly formed mutant strike team, X-Force. The imposter
 nearly managed to fool everyone until she was cut down by
 Domino's arch enemy, Deadpool. Believing Domino finished, 
 Deadpool than went on to hunt Tolliver. Though, even her own
 teammmates know very little about she served as the team's
 defacto leader during Cable's infrequent absences. It has
 been known that at various times she has been both a government
 agent and an independent mercenary. Her inborn probability
 altering power only aguments her lethal markmanship and fighting

 In the aftermath of Operation:Zero Tolerance she was
 captured by the Prime Sentinel: former Commander Graynozva,
 and subjected to some nonvoluntary surgery. She was released
 with an nano-tech implant at the base of her skull that severly
 interfered with her reflex and response time. She had a
  brief leave from the team to take care of some personal business,
  and while participating in cage-match style compettion staged by
  the assassin-for-hire, Arcade, was forced to fight her teammmate,
  Domino later returned to the team in issue #83 and it appears
  as if she'll stay for the long haul.

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"Seems pretty simple, tovarish. Tell me what you know about a certain telepath, and I won't kill you." From X-MAN #1 (A0A) For this missio, Apocalypse sent his most dangerous assassin. Her name is Domino. Things have a nasty habit of falling into place for her.


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